Silent Loss

By Mileva Anastasiadou

“I saw the doctor today,” I told my son over the phone.

“You haven’t mentioned anything was wrong.”

The first time I noticed something went wrong was several months ago at the local market. I realized after arriving home, that I had forgotten most of the items I had intended to get. The first time I admitted it to someone was two hours ago. My memory assessment was worse than I had expected. It was worse than doctor had expected, considering his frown before implying the diagnosis. Continue reading

They Never Met

By Ritta M Basu

My dearest Will,

Your e-mail this morning made me smile and cry. Thank you for your kind sympathies about Buck. He’s in the hospital now. The chemo has destroyed his already compromised organ system. It hurts so much not to see him. He’s held me so close in so many ways. I just wish I could touch him, but I don’t dare risk it. I feel certain his wife sticks to the hospital’s visiting hours. Still, I do not want to risk causing them the pain I caused in your first marriage. Continue reading

A Ritual of Haunted Weather

By Frank Rutledge

Lightning struck the wooden lamp post outside the condo. Inside, all the electronics went black. Startled by the explosive sound and sudden darkness, Quinn searched for light. Using only his hands and his memory, he hunted down a flashlight going dim, a candle and a book of matches.

It was time again. Quinn hurried. Like a Buddhist monk preparing for detachment, he positioned himself on the living room carpet. Continue reading