A Short Course in Short Fiction

“Short-shorts seem so simple. Also known by such names as sudden, flash or micro fiction, short-shorts are tight little tales packed into 1, 500 or so words. They can be powerful and memorable stories, the kind we’d all like to write. They’re so elegant in their brevity that we think, “Hey! I can write that!”

Unfortunately, simple elegance is seldom simple to achieve. Not in dress, not in scientific theories and not in short-short fiction. You discover how difficult it is to write when you sit down to write. The challenge—to make them appear as though they were dictated directly by the Muse—makes short-shorts so satisfying to write.”

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Twitter for Writers

Twitter_logo_blue“I’m active on other social media platforms yet Twitter, like no other social media network, has created opportunities for me and is responsible for my book sales in nearly every pocket of the U.S. and in other parts of the world where people speak English.

Twitter will provide you with instant accessibility to the greatest minds in publishing, writing, public relations, and editing. And this channel is probably the best platform to keep you up to date on writing conferences, book marketing techniques and workshops about your genre.”

From The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Writers – by Frances Caballo

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Storyville: How to Write Flash Fiction

“In cooking there is a term called “reduction,” which means to reduce a sauce, from something of a greater quantity, usually more liquid, down to a thicker, more intense flavor. This is the heart of what makes great flash fiction, in my opinion.” Read the entire article…

Writing Prompts

Every writer needs to exercise their writing muscles. For flash fiction writers a simple prompt exercise can turn into a polished, finished story after some revision. We found a website in South Africa that had a nice list of daily writing prompts for the month of December. Feast on these:


Some tips for setting a story in motion

Sometimes the most difficult part of writing a story is getting started. It seems like when we have a good beginning, things can flow more easily. Here’s a story published on Medium that gives writers a few tips on getting stories started.

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Why Write Short Form?

While this article about why you would want to write short fiction isn’t specifically about flash fiction, it does present some compelling reasons to try and write shorter works. Plus, if you scroll down to the bottom you will find links to publishers of short fiction.


More Flash Fiction Writing Tips

Every writer who writes flash has one of these lists, even if flash is not his area of expertise. Even if he doesn’t write it down, he keeps it in the back of his mind.

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