Author Profile: Jono Naito

jononaitoHow and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

This moment has happened a few times- it takes more than one calling for some. I liked to write and think of stories as a kid, but taking the time to learn and practice via a workshop a year back is what really solidified it. The inspiration was always there, but hard work and discipline helped me realize that it made me happy, even when difficult.

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

Time. My life has been chaotic, and the fleeting glimpse of a flash piece is not only great to read, but to write. My scenery, life, job, trajectory is all changing, and it is hard to focus as much as I would like. Flash is nice because you can write the first draft in one sitting, capture the feeling or moment, and do each edit in one sitting as well. It is efficient, bite-sized, and delicious.

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Fuse Box

By Jono Naito

When my grandmothers left the house in the thick spring of ’94, I crawled into the food pantry by the kitchen and found the fuse box behind the extra flour and decrepit spices. A fuse box says a lot about a house, about its soul. It said my sister’s room was an office, that mine was a guest room. No wonder she did so well in school; no wonder I always wanted to leave. Continue reading