Author Profile: Kristy Kassie

How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

I’m an English and ESL Instructor and Private tutor originally from Trinidad and Tobago who now lives in Vancouver, Canada. My journey as a writer began with my love of reading. My mom bought me a lot of books and encouraged me to use new vocabulary in my writing. When I was nine, I won first place in an essay competition for students in Commonwealth countries. I continued winning creative writing awards through grade and high school until my focus shifted to earning an undergraduate degree in English and French. I enjoy teaching the art of writing, both academic and creative. For most of my life, writing has been an outlet for my emotions and a home for my dreams – rarely did I share my work. Then, after a painful breakup in 2008, I wrote “The Heartbreak Sonnet, and impulsively submitted it to the 2009 BC TEAL Writing Competition, Instructors’ Category. It won first place. ([1].pdf, page 11)

What inspired you to write flash fiction?

In April 2016, I joined the Practice List on the Internet Writing Workshop and was introduced to flash fiction. It was a challenge to curb my verbosity into 400-word stories but it gave me the discipline to choose my words wisely.

Describe your writing process.

When a writing prompt comes in, I comb my memory for a personal experience upon which to build a story. Usually, my original idea is way too big for a flash piece. I start writing to see where the idea takes me and then start pruning words. Often, I will do online research or ask people involved in the associated experience for details to check accuracy.

What was the inspiration behind what was published on

“Different Eyes” is a response to a prompt where a shadow must play an important role. The story is drawn from a turning point in my own life. I wanted to capture that heartbreaking moment when childhood innocence is overshadowed by cruel reality.

What are you working on now?

Inspired by other participants’ publishing successes, I started submitting my flash fiction to magazines in October 2016. I got my first acceptance in January 2017, on my birthday. My published work includes:



Different Eyes

By Kristy Kassie

Kerry stood in the shadow of the hibiscus tree. She heard her friends squealing and stifled a giggle. Her bratty brother and boy cousins were finding her friends where they hid but Kerry had the best spot ever. Her friends had helped her to the hilltop because she was the birthday girl.

For lunch, Mom and Aunt Daphne had laid out macaroni pie, barbecued chicken and a chocolate cake with pink icing and smarties. Kerry turned nine today. She wore her brand-new paisley jumper and white party shoes. She’d had the coolest tea party on the garden lawns with her friends and her new pink tea set. Continue reading