Author Profile: TJ Rivard

TJ Rivard

How and when did you decide, or discover, that you were to be a writer?

The first story that I ever remember writing was in second or third grade.  It was about me and my best friend, saving a city from a flood by unplugging the drain in the center of town.  I had such fun writing it that, in school, I began to relish any assignment that allowed me to be creative.  But, it was really Wade Hall, a professor I had in college, who really encouraged me to pursue writing, and it was his influence that helped me make the decision to keep writing as a central part of my life.  At the time, he was the editor of the Kentucky Poetry Review, and he published my first piece of writing there. Continue reading

Three Yellow Bikes and the Blues

By TJ Rivard

A woman rode a yellow bike down the middle of a country road between cornfields.   Tall, summer corn.  Two riderless bikes flanked her. She held the handle bars—one on her right, one to her left.  She rode the middle bike no-handed, staying balanced, her thighs twitching to keep the front wheel straight.  It took precision.  A “V” of sweat chilled her back.  The tires popped tar. Heat danced over the pavement in her wake.  The corn converged in the distance, parting in front of her like opening hands.  She kept a steady speed, a smooth pedaling.  Deer flies bit her neck.  She squeezed past the pain toward a shaky balance. Continue reading