The Other Casualties of War

By Jim Harrington

Ten-year-old Jason frowned at the rainbow wondering why there couldn’t be a pot of gold at one end. Just because nobody had ever found one didn’t mean it wasn’t there. Right? He picked up a rock and threw it as high as he could, hoping to cause a ripple in the colored bands. When the projectile fell to earth with the rainbow unfazed, Jason laughed, fell backwards onto the carpeted patio, and rolled up into a ball.

“Are you okay?” his father yelled from the kitchen.

“Yes,” Jason replied. Everything’s going to be okay. Even though Mom’s gone away forever.

Jim Harrington lives in Huntersville, NC, with his wife Betsy and dog Charlie. Jim’s Six Questions For . . . blog provides editors and publishers a place to “tell it like it is.” You can read more of his stories at

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3 Responses to The Other Casualties of War

  1. Kerry White says:

    I’m confused on how the conclusion was reached.

  2. Lynne Handy says:

    Now moms die in war too.

  3. Because of the title, I stumbled over the fact that Mom was a casualty of war. Easier to accept if the genders had been switched?

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